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Point University

Founded in 1937, Point University is a private, four-year liberal arts institution that educates students to influence culture for Christ in all spheres of life. The University provides a broad, comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for their chosen professions. We are equipping the next generation to take their faith into the marketplace in new and culturally relevant ways – to erase the lines between who they are and what they do so that they see life and mission as one and the same.

Our Point family consists of more than just our amazing faculty and students. It’s outstanding alumni, supportive churches, corporate sponsors, devoted fans, generous donors, proud parents and involved community members. Whoever you are, your investment in Point University empowers us to continue educating students for Christ-centered service and leadership throughout the world.

Main Office
507 West 10th Street
West Point, GA 31833
706.385.1000 | 1.855.37.POINT

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Christian City Children's Village

For more than 45 years The Children’s Village at Christian City has provided a quality Christ-centered, family-focused, community-based program of care for the many “children of need” coming to us.

The Children’s Village affords a safe and loving haven to children from circumstances that are disturbing to desperate. The reasons they come to us are varied, but each child needs the loving care of adults they can trust, and safety from abuse.  Sometimes they lack even the very basics like food and shelter. Often, they are missing what we all need the most, a right relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our ministry provides children a stable environment where they learn structure, responsibilities, and live in productive, affirming, and safe homes.  We seek to meet their needs through four distinct programs: The Children’s Village at Christian City residential program, Project Safe Place, the Transitional Living Program, and the developing ministry to young adults with cognitive challenges and developmental disabilities.

7300 Lester Road
Union City, GA 30291
(770) 964-3301

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Coastal Empire Christian Camp

Coastal Empire Christian Camp exists to bring honor to God and to provide a place of retreat, fun and fellowship for all who come here. In todays fast paced society of Facebook, twitter, emails, and texting we provide an environment to slow down and get back to God. 

We provide opportunities for Christians to gather for many different occasions during the year: Church retreats, planning meetings, Family Day and summer camp are just a few of the many uses of our facilities. 

996 Hiltonia Creek Road
Sylvania, GA 30467

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Johnson University

"Johnson University educates students for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations framed by the Great Commission in order to extend the kingdom of God among all nations."

At Johnson University our vision is to bring glory to God and hope to the world by preparing promising students for excellence in Christian ministry through an affordable, community-oriented, Christ-centered education.

Global Reach
Johnson University's multiple campuses involve students from nearly every continent. The diversity of backgrounds and cultures enriches the educational experience for all students and increases the impact and reach of Johnson University across the globe.

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Reaching the Billions

Based in Hong Kong, the Poling’s provide a Christian witness to the Chinese people of Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland both by personal testimony and through training Chinese leaders and teachers.

David & Lynn Poling
Reaching the Billions
c/o Theresa Wojcik
PO Box 1635
Ward Cove, AK 9928

Georgia Southern - Christian Campus Fellowship

Christian Campus Fellowship is a non-denominational ministry dedicated to providing opportunities for Christian worship, service, fellowship and study to the Georgia Southern community.

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The Hausers - Africa

The Hausers work with the CMF team in Burkina Faso to establish a church-planting movement among an unreached people group, using Chronological Bible Storytelling (CBS) and Community Health Evangelism (CHE).

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 Pastor Vin - Sav-la Mar, Jamaica